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About Us

About Us

The proud owner of Gomez Upholstery LLC has had no short journey towards being known as one of the best craftsmen in the Midwest. With his beginnings in a village town of Siguatepeque, Comayagua Honduras, Jose was born the fifth of six children and as a younger sibling, he learned the reward of hard work from his parents and older siblings.

He learned how to upholster from his father who shared with him everything he knew about the trade. By the age of 10, he was working alongside his father who Jose says, “was his greatest teacher”. Papa Gomez passed away, and young Jose began working in different shops around town. Little did he know that his future work in upholstery would gain him recognition as one of the best craftsmen of our time.

Mr. Gomez lived in Miami Florida for several years and started a small business. While upholstering in the colorful and bustling metropolis of southern Florida, he acquired an extensive client list that included some well-known personalities in the Latino community by the likes of Walter Mercado, Cecilia Boloco, and Julio Iglesias.

He further refined his skills and absorbed everything he could about the trade like a sponge. After moving to St. Louis, MO he worked in local upholstery shops. And in 2001, Jose opened Gomez Upholstery LLC at the intersection of Chippewa and Watson.

Through his immovable dedication and effort, Jose has built a legacy of optimal customer service, fine craftsmanship and is well known for his high standard of quality and integrity. Gomez upholstery has the best work in the Midwest region, boasting customers from all over the country. He has mastered and conquered his craft with innumerable fabrics and skins such as sheepskin, calfskin, rich velvet, buffalo, and many other types of embroidered materials.

We are proud to say we have been serving the area for over 20 years. Today at Gomez Upholstery we work with clients all across the St. Louis Metro area including some of the local and regional interior designers. Gomez Upholstery works closely with clients to ensure the highest quality of work and service. We pride ourselves on quality, service, and experience. We want to thank our patrons for trusting us with their business, and we will continue to provide the best possible.