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We provide tried-and-true, top-tier automotive services and goods to our customers to safeguard, improve, and maintain their vehicles.

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Benefits of custom
wrap design

A vehicle’s advertising can result in between 5,5000 and 75,000 daily impressions. Any make or model of car will attract attention from other drivers and pedestrians simply by being wrapped. It is something that will make the car stand out, pique the curiosity of the target consumer, and prompt them to view and possibly engage with your advertisement.

Protect your investment
Paint protection film is the best way to ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s paint. The clear film will protect from rock chips and scratches while also preventing sun damage. Our ceramic coating service is also a great choice for vehicle paint and vinyl protection from UV damage. Ceramic coating will prevent dirt from sticking to the surface of your vehicle while also repelling water. Making cleaning much easier!”

Paint is dead. The utilization of vinyl wrap has opened up a whole new world for vehicle customization. We offer top tier installation of a massive variety of films. From full vehicle color change installs to stripes, chrome deletes, tint we can do it all and guarantee our work.

Do You Want To

Wrap Your Car?

We have years of experience in wrapping vehicles such as custom colour change wraps, commercial fleet graphics, food truck wraps, ceramic coating, PPF installation and many more.

What Is

Car Wrapping?

Wrapping is a method of altering the appearance of your automobile, van, truck, or bus without needing an expensive respray or paint job. Wrapping involves applying a vinyl film covering your car’s bodywork with care. Depending on your needs, you can choose a full or partial coating. Various textures and finishes, including metallic, matt, and gloss, are also available. The beautiful thing about vehicle wrapping is that you can take it off because it is not permanent. Businesses most frequently utilize car wrapping to brand and advertise their products on their vehicles by adding custom graphics.

About Wrap Labs

Nothing Attracts More Than A Wrapped Car

Wrap Labs was established after staging through the professional learning and training process to overcome the customized demands of clients in the industry. As a successfully certified car wrap company in Texas, USA, we comprehend the need to raise the bar in terms of quality work and amazing customer experience